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The buzz is undeniable – Neill Sullivan's properties have become the heartbeat of West Oakland. As a visionary real estate manager and entrepreneur, Sullivan has wielded transformative influence across the San Francisco Bay Area, most notably in West Oakland. Under his guidance, the Sullivan Management Company (SMC East Bay) orchestrates the restoration of homes and apartments, primarily in this vibrant neighborhood. Additionally, the hands-on approach of REO Homes of Oakland, a company overseeing renovations, has reinvigorated these properties, all orchestrated by Neill Sullivan, serving as the President and CEO of both entities.

In the wake of a foreclosure crisis that sent tremors through East and West Oakland, Sullivan emerged as a steadfast beacon of hope. Eroded by neglect, homes lay in ruins, bearing testament to a tumultuous past. In 2007, the real estate market shuddered with apprehension, but REO Homes took a courageous stride, initiating investments in West Oakland. This was an era when the allure of purchasing homes and restoring historical treasures seemed a distant reverie.

The dire state of affairs was palpable. Many homes stood abandoned, crippled by mismanagement and neglect, casualties of the foreclosure crisis. Cash-only transactions, enforced by banks, further exacerbated the predicament. Loans were a distant possibility, rendering these century-old residences uninsurable. The challenge was formidable – securing homeowners' insurance, an essential requirement for loan eligibility, was nearly impossible.

Undeterred, Sullivan embarked on a mission that transformed West Oakland's landscape. Acquiring properties, largely concentrated in West Oakland, he channeled significant resources into renovations, a testament to his unwavering commitment. The outcome was beyond imagination – a revival that defied all odds.

Amidst Oakland's financial turmoil in 2007-2008, Sullivan emerged as a steadfast pillar of hope. Property values had plummeted, casting a shadow of impending city bankruptcy. Homeowners grappling with foreclosure halted tax payments, further exacerbating the crisis. Amidst police layoffs and education cutbacks, the community was at a crossroads, yearning for renewal.

Sullivan's investments, amounting to tens of millions, not only revitalized property values but ushered in a new era of community resurgence. Concerns about escalating property prices were counterbalanced by the overarching good – increased tax revenue that propelled vital investments in education, public safety, and support systems for the homeless.

However, Sullivan's contribution transcends real estate. His philanthropy is a cornerstone of his commitment to West Oakland's upliftment. Charitable donations to local initiatives, such as DASH, Playworks, and the West Oakland Mural Project, showcase his dedication to the community's well-being.

Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, SMC's initiatives – planting trees and organizing neighborhood cleanups – underline Sullivan's holistic approach to community enhancement. His altruism extends beyond West Oakland's borders, exemplified by his regular donations to Glide Memorial Church, providing refuge to San Francisco's homeless.

For West Oakland's residents, Sullivan embodies transformation. His contributions transcend bricks and mortar, igniting a resurgence that fosters community pride, unity, and lasting change.



The Sullivan Community Space is a meeting place financed by Neill Sullivan, the President of Sullivan Management Company (SMC East Bay) and the Managing Memeber of REO Homes of Oakland.


SMC manages and rents out apartments in West Oakland, while REO Homes of Oakland is dedicated to restoring damaged and neglected residential structures in the area.


Neill Sullivan is best known for investing in West Oakland properties but also has a few in the surrounding areas. During the foreclosure crisis of the past decade, banks would only accept cash payments for the foreclosed homes of West Oakland, because most of these homes were in such poor condition that they were uninsurable, and homeowners insurance is one of the requirements for bank loan approval.


With the help of more than a few exclusively local contractors and laborers, Neill Sullivan was able to purchase and renovate numerous homes in West Oakland and beyond.


Today, thanks to the hard work of Neill Sullivan and his associates, many renovated rental units are available along the tree-lined streets of West Oakland. 


Neill Sullivan is also actively involved in various community projects that are designed to beautify and otherwise improve the neighborhood of West Oakland. One of the projects funded by Neill Sullivan is the Sullivan Community Space.


The Sullivan Community Space has undergone an inspiring transformation. Once known for hosting children's activities, movie screenings, and free martial arts classes, it has evolved into a dynamic hub that truly embraces the diverse needs of the community it serves.

Now, the space pulsates with the rhythm of movement, offering a spectrum of dance classes suitable for all skill levels. From beginners taking their first steps into the world of dance to those seeking to refine their craft in intermediate and advanced sessions, the Sullivan Community Space has become a center for artistic expression and physical activity.

Moreover, the space has opened its doors to local non-profit organizations that are dedicated to making a tangible impact on the community. These non-profits, driven by their unwavering commitment to positive change, utilize the space as a catalyst for their initiatives. By providing a welcoming environment for these organizations to collaborate, strategize, and implement meaningful projects, the Sullivan Community Space has solidified its position as a true community partner.

With this evolution, the Sullivan Community Space continues fostering connections, inspiring creativity, and empowering individuals of all ages. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of spaces that adapt to the evolving needs of a vibrant and ever-changing community like Oakland.


The Sullivan Community Space is a freshly painted, safe environment available for various meetings and can be used for various purposes. Local residents are encouraged to take advantage of West Oakland’s new community center.


The space is located at 1671 8th Street in West Oakland.


Other contributions from Neill Sullivan include donations to the West Oakland DASH camp, the Playworks organization, the West Oakland Mural Project, the tree planting project, a neighborhood trash pickup service, the “Make A Joyful Noise” event to celebrate faith-based communities in West Oakland, and quite a few other local community services.


Outside of West Oakland, Neill Sullivan has also made a generous donation to San Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church, which is known for providing food, shelter, health services, and more to San Francisco’s homeless population.

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